A national hub for a high-level research

Research is the heart of Université Montpellier 2 activity and the key not only to creating new knowledge but also to identifying innovative issues that enable students to acquire concepts and skills for their future professional life. Montpellier is the 5th national concentration in terms of Research forces.

In its 40 research departments, more than 1000 researchers and 1000 PhD students work together in order to drive science forward. The whole research activity is carried out collaboratively with the leading national research organisations:

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During last evaluation in 2010, the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (Aeres) gave the maximal mark A or A+ to 86% of UM2 research departments.

In order to structure its research policy and increase the synergy of the Education-Research-Innovation cycle, the research activity of the 40 research units and the educational activity of the 7 faculties has been organized by means of 8 thematic departments:


- Biodiversity-Ecology-Evolution-Environment
- Biology-Agronomy
- Biology and Health
- Chemistry
- Education
- Management
- Mathematics, Informatics, Physics and Systems
- OSU-Earth-Water

In 2010, more than 2,500 scientific papers were published by researchers from the UM2 in the most prestigious international journals. One third of them are co-signed with colleagues from foreign countries. Research does not remain confined to the labs: more than 230 patent families come from partnerships involving UM2.